Study Conclusion

I think I’ve found that the key to having connections to your past, both familial and cultural, through food is having a story behind the dish. A dish you routinely eat that was made by your grandmother back in the Old Country is more effective at eliciting memories than a recipe that I find off of Google. When you just pick a recipe up out of nowhere, it means nothing to you. In fact, the reason why you didn’t have a recipe for that dish to begin with is because the dish has no meaning to you. The key to a food dish serving as a lieu de memoire appears to be the story behind the dish with the actual dish, not just the dish. In finding this out, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to start from scratch to make memories and food traditions that can be passed down. The foods that I create now won’t necessarily be cultural foods, since I don’t have any of those, but they will be dishes that I have invented or popular dishes that I have put my own spin on. My hope is that these dishes will get passed down to my kids and grandkids so that they will have some kind of connection to their past through food. I guess I better get cooking!


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