Soda Bread

One of my cultural heritages I wanted to try and connect to was my Irish heritage. A few generations ago, some of my family emigrated from Ireland to the US, but the Irish culture isn’t represented anywhere in my family. As a result, I chose to make Irish soda bread in an attempt to foster a connection with my Irish roots. Soda bread is very popular in Ireland and is constantly eaten, especially with tea. I got the recipe from this website: … Here are some pictures from my attempt:

The Finished Product!

Soda Bread in the oven baking!

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the soda bread didn’t come out correctly as the dough never rose while it was baking. The recipe told me not to over-knead the dough because that would toughen it but I ended up under-kneading it and as a result, it didn’t rise. Perhaps I could have avoided this problem if I had someone in my family who had made it many times before? If I had someone in the family who had perfected this recipe and passed it down to future generations, I just might have made a perfect soda bread. However, I don’t have that and now I’m stuck with crappy bread. The point of making a traditional Irish dish that would usually get passed down through generations was to see if just making the dish would foster any connection to my Irish past. Did it work, you ask- Do I feel any more Irish than before? To be honest, no, not really. All I did was make a kind of bread, whose recipe I pulled off the internet, and nothing more.


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